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Right now there is a rumor spreading around Facebook about there being a new security vulnerability in Facebook accounts and it’s absolutely inaccurate. Information similar to this was spread previously in something called the “Automation Labs bug“. In both instances the rumor was absolutely false.

Here’s what the message says that’s being spread around Facebook:

… found…. Hacker in door in our friends list!….We are now listed as friends of ourselves! You need to delete yourself from your friends list to close the door to hackers. To do this … Go to Account, go to edit friends, there search for your name on the list and click …the X to get your name removed

Essentially someone has found a strange bug: when you search through your friends list, you show up as a friend of yourself. Even if you “delete” yourself as a friend, you’ll continue to show up as a friend once you refresh the page. The one thing that users need to know is that their accounts have not been compromised in any way. Rather than blindly participating in the rumor spreading, let your friends know that this information is completely false.

Originally posted : ALERT: There Is Not A Hacker Door In Your Facebook Friends List

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