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LinkedIn – The Basics

LinkedIn is the more “professional” social network of the Big Tree. It lets users create what amounts to an online resume and connect with other peers — be it friends, colleagues, or other business associates — through online networking.

Businesses and organizations can also set up profiles on the site; many businesses use it to recruit (and check references) for new hires.


  • The “six-degrees” nature of the site allows you to reach out to people through
  • already existing connections.
  • Profles are straightforward and connections can be easily made.
  • Not a lot of “noise” and clutter.
  • Allows for Question and Answer inquiries with a professional slant.


  • It’s the smallest of the Big Tree social networks, though its population
  • is growing.It’s a more stodgy environment, which doesn’t convey fun.
  • Job seekers are more active on the site than those already employed.
  • People use the site for purely professional purposes, so marketing messages are not always welcome.
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