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Add A Social Sign-In To Your WordPress Blog


Social sign-in is a wonderful technology that allows users to connect to a site using their social network credentials. It completely avoids the tedious process of having to re-enter your email address, choose a username, click on a confirmation link… and it also means users are far more likely to make constructive comments, because they’re no longer anonymous.

Obviously, this isn’t suitable for all situations and websites, and you should still provide an alternative method for those who simply don’t have a social profile. In general though, I think it can be safely said that letting people register or log in to your site with one click is a good thing.

So how does one go about adding social login to their WordPress blog? Simple, Janrain is here to help with a basic free plan, which enables you to have up to 2,500 users – far more than many of us will need I suspect. When the time comes to scale, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan.

What Do I Get?

Firstly, the login component is the most important. You’ll get a simple widget that can either be embedded on the page itself, or can pop-up in a modal box when a user clicks a link.

In the comments area of your site, you’ll also get a share link. When users click on that, they can share their comment.

One feature that separates Janrain from its competitors is the ability to post or share items to multiple networks at the same time – something that compulsive sharers will really appreciate.

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