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Reef Finder – searchable smartguide to reef life

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The world’s first searchable smartguide to reef life.

With the Reef Finder (A4 paper edition) you can identify anything by choosing what it looks like!

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An easy-to-use primer that de-mystifies the blizzard of biodiversity found on reefs

  • Over 840 images
  • Covers all major fish & invertebrate groups
  • Also includes marine reptiles
  • Search using a unique 9 page Visual Index system.
  • WYSIWYLF – What You See Is What You Look For!
  • No biological knowledge required to solve the ‘What is it?’ problem!
  • Not for underwater use!

What is it?

The world’s first searchable field guide to the amazing diversity of reef life!

What Does It Do?

It answers the fundamental question: “What kind of thing is that?” … and gives you reasons why.

How does it work?

Just search the Visual Index for simple shapes (e.g. fingers, spines, spirals), textures or concepts (e.g. holes, tentacles). You can even search by “sediments”, and it’s 99% latin free! You can also go directly to the groups you know from the front cover.

Who Is It For?

Everyone! – divers, aquarists, dive guides & businesses, snorkelers, reef walkers, teachers, students, naturalists & scientists. Young minds discovering the natural world!

Why should i buy it?

It’s a smart, fun, interactive tool that identifies anything at a fantastic price! It’s beautifully designed and there is nothing else like it! Use it to interact and problem solve with your friends / customers.

It’s An Id Guide. But Not As You Know It!

Traditional guides are arranged in scientific order which is a fatal flaw for learning. They assume you know what “kind” of thing you are trying to ID and where to look in their book in the first place. Enter the Reef Finder – the Reef Finder’s VISUAL INDEX solves the ID problem for divers without assuming you have biological training. For example you can search by ‘TENTACLES’ or many other shapes, textures and concepts like ‘holes’ or ’sediment’. Now for the first time you can explore, discover, learn and communicate with others!

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