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Non-rebreather masks for diving emergency oxygen kits available in Fiji

$40.00 VEP

This disposable mask provides oxygen for breathing persons who cannot tolerate demand-valve oxygen regulators or when two divers need emergency oxygen. Adult Nonrebreathing Mask (aka Constant-flow, non-rebreather mask)

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This disposable mask provides oxygen for breathing persons who cannot tolerate demand-valve oxygen regulators or when two divers need emergency oxygen.

Adult Nonrebreathing Mask (also called Constant-flow, non-rebreather mask)

  • Low-resistance check valves prevent rebreathing and allow exhaled gas to escape
  • Clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort and visual patient assessment
  • Complete with 7-ft. oxygen supply tubing
  • Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit

As a reminder, this mask should be used with/on the constant flow barb of your regulator with a MINIMUM setting of 15 lpm to try to maintain a high concentration of inspired oxygen.

Why would you need  new Dive Emergency Oxygen Regulator?

Deteriorated delivery masks

Heat and exposure to the elements can result in deterioration and cracking of rubber and synthetic components.

“We often see old masks left to harden and turn brown in cases,” Douglas says. “Non-rebreather masks are designed for single-patient use and should be kept in their protective bag until they are needed. We often see an old mask wadded up inside the case that was used for training at some point, and that is the only mask available for use in an emergency.”

Description of non-rebreather masks for diving emergency oxygen kits

non-rebreather_oxygen_maskThis mask consists of a mask that has a reservoir bag attached. The bag is separated from the mask by a one-way valve that prevents air and patient exhalation from diluting the oxygen in the reservoir bag. When the patient inhales, the valve opens and the patient breathes primarily oxygen. There are also one-way valves that cover the holes on the mask to allow patient exhalation to escape without allowing large quantities of air to enter the mask.

These masks have this one-way valve on both sides of the mask. Care must be taken because if both sides are covered and gas flow ceases, then the patient will not be able to breathe because the valves keep air from entering during inhalation.

The common high oxygen concentration mask has a one -way valve on only one side so that if gas flow ceases, the patient can still breathe.

At a minimum oxygen flow of 15 L/min, as long as the reservoir bag is kept filled and a good seal is maintained, this mask can deliver 60 – 75% oxygen to the patient

But remember, for denitrogenation we need the highest possible concentration of oxygen, so, although this system is better than nothing, all efforts should be made to supply accident management kit with a demand system.

Go and check your Oxygen Kits and see. These masks go ‘that sticky feel’ all by themselves in the bags and Pelican cases.

Only F$20.00 each + VAT (plus shipping $5 within Fiji)


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