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Coral Finder 2022

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The completely revised & up-to-date 5th edition of the book that took the mystery out of coral ID is now available.

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The Indo Pacific Coral Finder delivers easy genus level coral ID anywhere between the Red Sea and Easter Island.

  • Over 1730 images & expanded genus coverage
  • Updated to reflect molecular taxonomy as of March 2022
  • Includes bibliography to molecular literature
  • Twice the visual coverage (80 pages) of Coral Finder 3.0
  • Not for underwater use!

What Is It?

The world’s first easy-to-use, searchable smartguide for coral ID that anyone can use.

What does it do?

Lets the untrained user identify corals to genus level, regardless of growth form, in the Indian & Pacific oceans. Coral Finder’s visually driven design eliminates most of the ugly terminology from the coral ID process.

How Does It Work?

Choose the shape, texture or lifestyle of your coral from the Key Page, follow the prompts & select a Look-Alike page of “best bets” for what your coral might be. Use your visual supercomputer (eyes) to pattern search the grid of images, confirm the key characters and true scale.

Who is it for?

Everyone! – divers, aquarists, dive instructors, dive boats and businesses, snorkelers, reef walkers, students, naturalists, scientists, coral industry professionals.

Why Should I Buy It?

Because it works ;-). The Coral Finder is the only coral ID tool that is: (a) up-to-date with molecular taxonomy, (b) easy to use, &, (c) a useful introduction to species ID.

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