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The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in collaboration with key tourism stakeholders,  convened the inaugural Fijian Tourism Talanoa (FTT) event on Friday, 17 November 2017.

I was invited to be a presenter/panelist for Session 3: Making Tourism Sustainable. This session focused on renewable energy, forest and marine protection and sustainable tourism. Expected outcomes from this session were to garner greater support for addressing challenges to the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

With the theme ‘Progressive Tourism through Sustainable Partnerships’, the FTT provided a platform for Government and key tourism industry stakeholders to discuss pertinent matters to help develop the Fijian tourism industry sustainably. The FTT discussed projects, plans and recommendation that will grow the tourism sector further.

I was asked to present on working with Micro-Small-Medium Enterprise MSME tourism operators on projects focused on sustainable practices and the issues in managing dive and ecotourism resorts and the sustainable practices.

[slideshare id=82328456&doc=hnwpesrtsurbuejnzjsp-signature-92d1b305382ecfffb20a39c27e4f472333c73148721f6b406f48184ea5326550-poli-171119203633]

Presented at the 2017 Fijian Tourism Talanoa, Sheraton Resort, Fiji
18th November 2017
Hosted by: Fiji Ministry Of Industry, Trade And Tourism
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